>Google Stores Beta

>Google Stores Beta could be the new eCommerce killer! Google Checkout adding a shopping cart function and possibly integrating with Google Sites could lead to a turnkey ecommerce solution. Who needs eBay or Amazon, when you can get all of this for free from Google? Sure you pay for payment processing, but you pay a percentage using any service. For anyone buying stuff online, I find signing up for a Google Checkout is easier than Paypal. You also are not encouraged to carry a Paypal balance which makes purchases & refunds much easier. There’s no new procedures or policies to learn. What you’ve come to expect from your credit card company still applies to your Google Checkout purchases.

Getting started with the Google Checkout shopping cart – Google Checkout Developers Forum | Google Groups: “Google Checkout shopping cart – Getting Started

The Google Checkout shopping cart is a new Google Checkout feature that allows you to add a shopping cart to your website quickly and easily.

See the demo here: http://checkout.google.com/seller/gsc/beta/demo

This Getting Started document is intended to give you a quick outline of what is required to get up and running with the cart. For more information, please see the API Documentation as well as the Customizing the Cart Widget document.”