>eBay plans to cut sellers fees on auction site (2008 Jan 24)

>Ending time for auction makes perfect sense, but as eBay listing format favors fixed priced listing, a different listing view makes more sense. This is where Best Match comes in. Since buyers can longer be given a balanced exposure of their listing, it makes sense for eBay to reduce their listing fee. This also increases listing volume, but Best Match on eBay.com with its relevance and desirability scores will be able to match buyer searches with what the general population wants. Even though listing volume will increase, I don’t think relevancy will be an issue due to Best Match. If you don’t believe me, do a search for ipod nano using ending time versus Best Match. You’ll notice the glut of cases and chargers are not present with the Best Match view. Its not personalized search (that’s Best Match 2.0) but its a good start. It also makes sense for eBay to increase FVF: 1) To compensate for for lower listing fees, 2) You are paying for performance like Amazon Marketplace.