>Made my own 12V Supply and it sucks – RC Groups

>One of our customers purchased an Echo Star power supply and did not like it. I would say Echo Star is slightly better than A-Power.

Made my own 12V Supply and it sucks – RC Groups: “I bought a brand new 450W computer power supply thinking I would save some money. Its not the best brand (echostar) but its rated for 450W Max /14A at 12V.


I wired it up and hooked up my Electrify Polycharge 4. Basically I crossed a green and black to get it to stay on all the time then took a yellow and black lead for my positive and negative.

If I put a load on the thing any more than 2A, the low voltage alarm goes off and the PS voltage drops in the 10V range. Is this just a crap supply or do you think I did something wrong?”