>ProPay integration issues with eBay Checkout continue

I have been anxiously awaiting the integration of ProPay.com into eBay Checkout. Apparently, ProPay customer service is not really aware that there is even a problem… ? Below is the communication I received after I explained what the current integration issues are. They honestly thought proactively checking the ProPay account for sales was an appropriate way to see if a payment was made via credit card:

Thank you for contacting Customer Support. I checked with our tech department and this is what they told me about your questions.

> 1) When a customer decides to pay via ProPay on eBay.com, ProPay is not sending me an e-mail stating a payment was made.

Apparently, neither the buyer nor you will receive those types of e-mails. You can keep tabs on transactions by logging in to your ProPay account.

> 2) When a customer finishes paying via ProPay, ProPay needs to tell eBay that the eBay item number should be marked as paid. It currently is not being marked.

E-Bay should be marking the item as paid. We’ve looked at the log files and they are all completing successfully. Unless we can get a specific transaction, we are going to chalk this one up as a fluke pertaining to our maintenance deploy and the fact that we had issues getting it out the door.

ProPay: Ebay: “The ProPay eAuction account is the easiest way for your eBay® buyers to pay. With ProPay’s secure integrated checkout, your buyers pay immediately with their credit or debit cards, without having to log into or set up a separate account. They’ll love the convenience, protection, and rewards from paying with credit or debit cards.”