>About immediate payments

>eBay’s Immediate Payment Required only becomes an issue if leaving the option turned off increases non-payment. For example, Sony PSP is often “purchased” by children whose parent did not approve the purchase. For something like this, removing Immediate Payment Required would cause a lot of cancelled orders. I would not use ProPay in this situation and just keep Immediate Payment Required turned on. If someone wanted to purchase by credit card, I can always revise the listing or create a new one where ProPay was an option.

The side benefit is that while you wait for payment, you will receive Best Match Recent Sales search advantage.

About immediate payments: “Immediate payment is sometimes required by sellers to make sure an item is paid for before they ship it.
To use immediate payment, you need to:

* Pay for the item before you win it.
* Pay with PayPal using a credit card, bank card, or PayPal account.
* Be aware that another member could win the item first by paying first.”