>Official Gmail Blog: Sync your inbox across devices with free IMAP

>Wow, this is excellent. Gmail is finally offering IMAP! From customer service point of view, this is an extremely easy and free way to distribute customer service loads and/or delegate tasks to others. If all your inbound come into your inbox, you can move specific messages (tasks) that you want to hand-off to someone else via IMAP. It could be your co-worker sitting at the desk next to you, or a virtual assistant in India or China. I find the process of delegation much easier with IMAP. It is possible with POP, but it is not 100% reliable as you can not see the message made to the desired inbox. Of course, the usability and details are always in the e-mail client you use and how Google implemented IMAP. Beggars can’t be choosers – I’m just glad IMAP is offered. It is more resource intensive than POP3, but if anyone can offer it reliably – it is Google.