>Watching video downloads on your TV

>Wouldn’t it be cool if you could watch video files on your widescreen TV? There is so much free and legal online video online that you can watch in comfort instead in front of your computer. Broadband is very inexpensive now as is hardware that allows you to watch computer files on your computer. The Tvisto is like a giant 100-DVD video jukebox in a small enclosure.

The biggest concern for me is will the Tvisto be able to play all the different video files since they will be encoded with different codecs. I bought a DVD player from Circuit City with XVID capability, but it ended up not being able to play all the files I burned on to the DVD. XVID is the most popular codec for automatic play on newer DVD players, but there are some old video files that I also want to be able to view. Ideally, whatever I can view on my computer – I want to view with the Tvisto. The other concern is being able to get content to the Tvisto easily. Some media players are WIFI so they stream directly from the computer, but with this one, you would have to copy files on to it. For half the price of a network media player, I don’t mind using my laptop as a proxy to transfer files from my trusty SAN drive (Netgear SC101) to the Tvisto via USB.

My third concern is being able to flip through video without having to get up, but the remote control is taking care of that. 🙂