>Turn Vinyl into Digital


PC Mag has a slideshow on how to convert your old vinyl into a digital MP3. Its easy enough to do if you have a turntable with a line-out. But most turntables have phono out which means you usually have to run the turntable through an amp before connecting it to your computer’s line in.

Alternatively, ION has released a USB Turntable that makes conversion of vinyl extremely easy (see picture on left). The USB connection means you have a digital transfer from the turntable to your computer eliminating any “noise” that you would have had transferring from the turntable, to the amp, and any sound interference from the computer itself.

Once you have converted your vinyl to digital format (WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG, etc) you can the burn the MP3s to these nifty CD-Recordables. They have that same cool look at vinyl, they are CDs! 🙂

Here are the links to buy these items:

ION Portable USB Turntable – Record Vinyl to WAV/MP3

e³works 52x 700MB 80-Min Vinyl CD-R Media 50-Piece