Conference Tracks | eBay Developers Conference 2007 Boston

>I wanted to share some presentations from eBay Developer Conference 2007 that I thought were of note. They are not too technical related specifically to web merchants and those interested in marketing their site to search engines:

Data Mining: The Key to Affiliate Success

Alex Schultz
Speaker Alex Schultz put himself through college as an affiliate and run the eBay UK affiliate program. That’s why you should come listen to him speak about the key to affiliate success: data mining. Hear real life examples of how data mining gives affiliates an advantage, how to optimize where you send your clicks, how to be truly certain you have a significant result from your optimization efforts, and more. Learn my secrets and make lots of money for very little work.

Lessons from eBay Buyer Research

Jeff Resnick
eBay’s buyer research team conducts interviews and studies with regular eBay users, all over the country. For the first time, we are sharing some of the results of that research. Learn about the different kinds of buyers, and about what they really want. Affiliates will learn how to market applications to buyers, and sellers will learn how to create listings that appeal to buyers.


Jeremy “Shoe Money” Schoemaker
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing your web site to gain maximum visibility from internet search engines. Given the importance of search engine traffic for all web businesses, it makes sense to invest in SEO to ensure that potential visitors or customers can find your site. Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker is a leading expert in search engine marketing, and in this talk he leads you though what SEO is, and gives you practical advice on how to better market your business through search engines.

Building Effective Online Storefronts

Eric Anderson, neoverve, Kurt Davey, neoverve
Want to get more work from your current client base? Want to broaden your possible client base through ECommerce? Eric Anderson from Neoverve discusses the basics of an online business (highlighting the similarities between online and offline business), finding shoppers not browsers, the basics of site usability, and increasing sales effectiveness using additional tools. This session is targeted at professionals wishing to build online stores for themself or for a small business, ECommerce consultants, web designers and developers, and marketing managers.

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