>Why Buyers Love & Hate eBay

>Ship often and quickly. From my experience, buyers do not complain about shipping if s/he promptly receive their item. This means you ship ASAP using a shipping method that historically performs well. Delivery confirmation (USPS) or tracking number (UPS, FedEx, DHL) is a must. This offsets any customer service inquiries you might receive if s/he can see that the package is moving through the system. Buyers tend to only complain about shipping if s/he does receive their order within the expected delivery time. Something to the effect of: “I paid you xxx in shipping, I expected to have it by now.”

eBay Strategies: ebay buyer – post3 (final for this session)

Why buyers love eBay?

* High ratings on price, selection and entertainment

Top buyer issues

* Entertainment/fun factor has worn off to some degree
o Buyers that think eBay is fun bid 2x of those that don’t

* Shipping/deals
o 2/4 segments are price driven – most sensitive to this
o Most buyer attrition is due to ‘too high’ shipping
o Total price matters! (could have told you that in 2004 🙂 )
o Shipping costs kills word of mouth

* Based on buyer survey here are the top bad things:
o Item was late
o S+H too expensive
o Not as described
o Seller unresponsive

* Secondary issues:
o Never received
o Item was damaged
o Poorly packaged
o Unddeserved negative feedback
o sold as genuine, but was not