Free Barcode Font – Code 39

Free Barcode Font – Code 39 – Not a demo, COMPLETELY free

Apparently, this is a Free 3 of 9 barcode font with extended ASCII capabilities. One of my criticism of the free Code 39 fonts I found online were that many were crippled. For example, the free version would only allow numerics. Or only some letters. I’ll this test this one and tell you what I think.

Free Barcode Font TrueType Code 39 Download

Here’s another free Code 39 barcode font.

Create custom barcodes and labels with Ichiku software

I’ve done some searching and this is one of the least expensive barcode packages that I’ve run across that will make proper Code 128 barcode fonts. I like Code 128 since you can squeeze a lot of alphanumeric data on a small piece of real estate. Now if anyone know if a label printer that can handle Code 128 and print out single labels at a time, that’d be awesome!